A new programming language for the hacker

Okta is a new, open source, general-purpose programming language that, although itโ€™s still in its childhood, aims to provide a simple platform to create low level, efficient software.

type Aquarium = struct {
    animals: [Animal; 2],
    num_corals: u32,

type Animal = enum {
    Ottis { tentacles: u8, size: f64 },

fun main(): i8 {
    let ottis = Animal:Ottis {
        tentacles = 8,
        size = 1.42,

    let aquarium = Aquarium {
        animals = [ Animal:Nemo, ottis ],
        num_corals = 16,

    ret 0;

Take a look at the examples here to get a taste of okta ๐Ÿ™.

Okta started as a summer project with the objective of learning about compilers, programming language design and LLVM. That summer ended, and nowadays, I continue to develop okta in my free time. However, okta continues to be a single developer project, with all of its downsides and benefits. Please, feel free to contact me, all help and feedback is very appreciated!!